Kuicut – The Ultimate Handy Power Cutter & Tool

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The Kuicut is a beautifully designed and powerful cutting tool that is cordless and comes with a fixed battery. It operates with a 7.2V Samsung battery and carries a lifetime of approximately 25,000 times of cutting. The powerful cutting tool is light on weight, about 1.2 Kg and is a highly portable too. It is environment-friendly and can operate for approximately 120 cuts per charge depending on the cutting object. There is a holster available as an accessory that costs around $20. You can wear it on your waist, and have your hands free for any other task that would not require the cutter. The charger is included and is 100-240V, UL approved. As and when you use it for charging, there is a LED light on that changes from red to orange to green color through the entire process of charging. For the best results, you need to unplug it when the device is fully charged. That way, you’ll be enhancing the battery life of the device. It is advisable to charge your Kuicut unit at least once every six months. The case is available as an accessory that will cost around $30. It is made with high-quality PE that is very hard to break. It will surely protect the power tool from any kind of unexpected outside impact.

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