Liftware Stabilizing Silverware

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Eating without making a mess is a hard feat and even more so for those with hand tremors. The Liftware Stabilizing Silverware has been expertly designed to work with those with hand tremors to make eating easy again. Comprised of an electronically stabilized handle and several attachments, Liftware counteracts your hand tremors to keep your fork, knife, or spoon exactly where you intend it to be. Built inside the Liftware handle are sensors that can detect any tremors in your hand. The software is able to determine which movement are intended as you eat and which are actually tremors. With this distinction, the Liftware handle automatically stabilizes the utensil. With Liftware, users can experience up to 70% less shaking which makes eating easier, more comfortable, and possible for anyone with hand tremors.

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