Limited Edition Monty Python Killer Bunny Slippers

$40 USD
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This vicious pair of Killer Bunny Slippers is an officially licensed Monty Python limited edition product. Just like a meek Jim Carrey turns into the mischievous and powerful Mask, these puppies will give you the mad-dog power of the Rabbit of Caerbannog. It will transform your mundane life and convert you into the scourge of Camelot. Every step you take makes the mouth of the slippers flap open, revealing a row of nasty teeth ready to bite down at the slightest provocation, and even without any provocation. Your pets will shiver with fright and scatter when you stroll into the room, but your feet will stay warm and toasty. The Killer Bunny Slipper is a one-size fits all product and comes with an elasticated heel.


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