Lockstone Nightfall Moon Phase Fragrance Wearables

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Emit the scent of your choice all day long when you wear the Lockstone Nightfall Moon Phase Fragrance Wearables. These stunning pieces work with your fragrances and perfumes to make the scent last seven times longer than a simple spray. These wearables feature Lockstone, a material similar to a pumice stone. You add your fragrance and the Lockstone absorbs it with multiple pathways and structures. With this material, your fragrance is released slowly throughout the day. The Nightfall Collection includes the Luna Bracelet which showcases the moon in its multiple phases. It comes in three color designs. In addition, the collection features the Orion and the Orion Elite Pendant. The former works with alcohol-based fragrances while the Elite is compatible with alcohol and oil-based fragrances.

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