Luxafor LED Status Light Productivity Tool

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Stay on top of your to-do list when you use the Luxafor LED Status Light Productivity Tool. Through the use of light, this device reduces your interruptions. There are three versions: the Flag, the Mini, and the Bluetooth. You can use the Luxafor Flag to alert your colleagues of your availability. Red means you’re busy, and you can even select another color to show you’re free to chat. Rather than checking your device, you can rely on the Luxafor Mini to alert you to emails, notifications, and calendar reminders. This means you don’t have to open your email every few minutes. Finally, the Luxafor Bluetooth is a remote tool functioning for availability as well as notifications. Because it’s wireless, you can take it with you to break-out rooms and meetings. Each of the Luxafor tools also offers unique timing functions for maximizing productivity.

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