Grand PooBox Modern Litter Box

$85 USD
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Gift your furry friend some luxury with the Grand PooBox Modern Litter Box. This system takes your cat’s toilet time to the next level. Featuring a fully modern design, no one will guess that it’s actually a litter box. In addition, it features a state-of-the-art litter containment module. With an internal grated ramp, the Grand PooBox minimizes the litter that comes out of the box. Additionally, it also takes 50% less litter to fill than traditional litter boxes. The Grand PooBox is higly functional and your cat will love it. The wide open door gives cats plenty of room to enter and move around once inside. The top features small holes for extra light and additional ventilation. The Grand PooBox is the only litter box that looks like just another piece of modern furniture.

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