Silk’n Tightra RF Feminine Rejuvenation Device

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Tighten and reshape your body from the comfort of your own home with the Silk’n Tightra RF Feminine Rejuvenation Device. Utilizing clinically proven technology, this 100% safe device helps you feel and look your best. The device safely distributes bipolar radiofrequency energy to the inner vaginal walls. Known for its firming and tightening effect on collagen, this form of energy works on both the inner and outer tissue. Designed for self-use, you don’t need to move the device in and out or rotate it for even distribution and exposure. The tip also comes with three chrome-plated electrodes to make the outer tissue tighter and more youthful. Furthermore, Tightra requires just four 20-minute treatments to see results. Since it is non-invasive, Tightra offers a pain-free experience that doesn’t require any downtime.

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