RISEPRO – Wireless Food Thermometer

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With the smart wireless function of the RISEPRO Food Thermometer, you no longer need to monitor the cooking status with your eyes on but simply stay monitoring at a distant way such as living room. The transmitter probe will regularly send temperature updates to your portable unit. Cooking is still under your total control. A nice and smart way to cook without affecting the quality! This thermometer is designed for measuring single temperature by one temp probe. The purpose of supplying two probes is to make it easy for you to use the second probe for future replacement. The newest rubberized casing makes it look so elegant and attractive. Rubberized finish is soft, smooth and anti-slippery for comfort grabbing. Apart from main thermometer units with superior quality, you will also get other accessories including 4pcs Alkaline Batteries, 2 Probes (one as spare), Carry Pouch and the Premium Gift Box.

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