Lime-S Segway Edition Electric Scooter

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Easily get around town with the Lime-S Segway Edition Electric Scooter. This partnership combines ease of travel and comfort for the perfect journey. This scooter offers a safe riding experience and requires barely any effort. It provides a maximum range of over 20 miles, making it more fun and cost-effective to get to your destination. In addition, its maximum speed of 14.8 mph ensures you’ll get there quickly yet safely. Simply pull on the handbrake when you need to slow down or stop. The Lime-S electric scooter comes with a 250-watt motor and 8-inch wheels, resulting in a smooth and stable ride. In addition, the app lets you know its battery status. Designed for public use, the Lime-S scooter requires a driver’s license to ride. Similarly, the Lime-S is only suitable for riders over 18 years old.

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