Ovie Smarterware Smart Food Storage System

$75 USD
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Keep track of the food in your fridge with the Ovie Smarterware Smart Food Storage System. This clever system works with Amazon Alexa to help you know what’s in your fridge and so you can use food more efficiently. To begin, tag your food in the app for the countdown to start. You can even press a button to tell Alexa what food to tag. Afterwards, you’ll receive reminders on your phone and smart speaker. The SmartTag light will also change color to let you know the status of the food inside. Likewise, the light ring changes from green to yellow to red, depending on how much time your food has left. When it reaches yellow, you’ll receive a notification with suggestions on how you can use your food. By using the app, you can always find out what is inside your fridge no matter where you are.

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