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Ozmo Smart Bottle and App

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Optimal hydration is vital for overall health and wellness and with the Ozmo Smart Water Bottle, it’s achievable. This intelligent vessel pairs with a smartphone app to give you incredible insight. Ozmo has a smart sensor built in to communicate with the app. As you drink water, it alerts the app. You can check in to see if you’re on track to get all that you need throughout the day. In addition, the bottle lights up and the app sends you alerts to remind you to drink up. Ozmo also syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and more. With this information about your workouts, Ozmo can also suggest an increase in water to keep you optimally hydrated. However, Ozmo is smarter than just a water tracking device. Incredibly, this bottle can determine if you pour in coffee or water. Or, you can manually input which beverage you’re drinking with the app.

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