Snapnator – Your MacBook Snap Feature is Back!

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We all remember and love the MagSafe connector on the Mac. However, the new MacBooks now have USB-C power jacks. It’s not the same anymore. Snapnator is here to bring an even better magnetic connector to your laptop. It doesn’t matter which way you connect your charger to your MacBook, right side up or upside down. The Snapnator has even greater magnetic coupling then the traditional MagSafe connector. Most magnetic couplings have a magnet on one side and iron on the other side. But the Snapnator spared no expense. It comes with a magnet on both sides. This adapter is the sleekest and smallest magnetic adapter ever made. Because the adapter works for USB type C, it will work for all your USB type C devices. Now magnetic power connectors are available for PC devices and even many phones.

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