Swizzlecicles – Freezer Gel Filled Sticks to Cool Your Drink

$25 USD
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Cooling your drinks won’t result in over-dilution anymore if you use the Swizzlecicles. These are freezer gel filled swizzle sticks which have been made to cool your drink without diluting it. Unlike ice cubes, these sticks will just lower the temperature of your drink and not alter its taste by any chance. The sticks have been made from food grade stainless steel which comes in a set of 4. Each stick measures about 6” long and is portable enough so that you’re able to carry them during outdoor trips as well. With Swizzlecicles there, chilling your drinks won’t be a tough business anymore. Carry them anywhere and beat the heat with your cool drinks this summer. That too, in a stylish way as compared to bulky ice cubes trays and ice coolers.

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