Thunder-C – The One & the Last Cable You’ll Ever Need in USB-C Age

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The launch of the new MacBook Pro is a clear indication of a USB-C era. In this new age, the USB-A port is no longer the only one power source and will soon be accompanied by the USB-C ports as well! That brings us to one question, how can you still keep your smartphones connected to your laptop? Should you start carrying two cables all the time? Thunder-C gives you the best answer. The Thunder-C Lightning cable has a hybrid plug which integrates USB-A with USB-C into one. While all of the new MacBooks use USB-C presently, this handy & considerable product combines all wired iPhone connectivity which ensures your iPhone to be always fully charged! Also, what makes Thunder-C cool is a plus Single Hand Switch hybrid plug technology inside! In addition to Thunder-C Lightning cable, the team has also developed another 4-in-1 Thunder-C cable, including microUSB, USB-A, & two USB-C plugs, supporting all kinds of power sources and all kinds of portable devices other than iPhone. Just like what Apple said, the next age belongs to wireless technology. But hey~ the USB-C age has just begun! So, the Thunder-C team believes that it is better to have a Thunder-C to simplify the cables and connections thereby living in the moment first!

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