Travelamp Light Diffuser

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Did you know your phone’s flashlight can now work as a warm night lamp? The Travelamp Light Diffuser makes this idea a reality. You just have to slip it over your smartphone’s flashlight and wait to experience the warm glow from the lamp thereafter. The diffuser is made of a soft, durable silicone which can fit most small to mid-sized smartphones. It’s a perfect tool to help you use your phone in order to light the night. Don’t have a table lamp or a bedside lamp? No worries. With the Travelamp and your smartphone, lighting up your rooms with that romantic glow is just one step away. It looks like a traditional night lamp but with a twist in the way it operates. In an age where home lighting solutions are going smart, this could actually make you utilize your smartphone’s flashlight in a way you could not have done before.

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