Rama Works M60-A USB-C Mechanical Keyboard

$360 USD
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Add a unique keyboard to your workspace with the Rama Works M60-A USB-C Mechanical Keyboard. Offering a 60% form factor, the M60-A uses a single piece of aluminum and solid brass to achieve its shape. Likewise, the mirror finish is a result of hand polishing while the high grit finish is due to bead blasting. Afterward, it receives a PVD coating to achieve the ideal color. The M60-A board doesn’t require any soldering to connect with any Cherry MX-compatible switches. Additionally, the board provides a USB-C connection attached to a USB extension PCB. The board also comes with in-switch RGB LED lights under the PCB, requiring no installation. Furthermore, you can also use an optional interior weight for additional heft. Pre-orders are currently open until April 20th, with shipping set for mid-2018.

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