vapRwear Vaporizer Apparel

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Your closet must be so full of apparels but do you have one which is smokable? Apparently not which is why the vapRwear must be the next cool collection for your wardrobe. This trendsetting apparel revolutionizes the art of blowing vapor smoke. Look fly while you discreetly smoke from this vaporizer hoodie. It’s undoubtedly a wonder-garment that allows you to blaze up your favorite waxes, oils, and e-juices through a secret opening in the drawstring so you can puff the magic dragon without arousing suspicion. Every hoodie is engineered with an inconspicuous hood lace for concealing the dlo e-cig vape system. You can consider vapRwear as a fabulous union of fashion and functionality. It’s a comfortable design which has beautifully integrated the smokable e-cig vape system into it. Choose from the different colors available and uplift your everyday style that way. Gear up people, it’s time you make those relaxed hangouts with your friends or that jamming session with your band a bit more stylish and cool. One hoodie is enough to get the job done!

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