Sununitec SUN-C200 Wooden Car Fragrance Diffuser

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Keep your car smelling fresh with the Sununitec SUN-C200 Wooden Car Fragrance Diffuser. Measuring just four by six centimeters, the SUN-C200 is so small that it easily mounts on your AC vent. Thanks to its unique wooden design, it won’t distract your eyes from the road either. Made of beech and Lihuamu, the wood shades elevates your car’s interior. Additionally, it releases a lemon fragrance slowly to make your car smell great every time you sit in it. The SUN-C200 comes with three aromatherapy oil pads, which you can refill with your own oil later on. Just take off the silicone clip to add essential oil to the diffuser. Aside from using the diffuser in your car, you can also use it in your office, bathroom, or home. Plus, it doesn’t have to charge so you can place it anywhere you like.

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