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AUKEY has something for everyone on the go. With a specialization in power, they've also mastered audio, optics, auto solutions, and everything in between.

Products we love from AUKEY

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Oct 072018

AUKEY KM-G11 Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard

Enjoy a more rewarding typing experience with the AUKEY KM-G11 Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard. Complete with 87 keys, this retro style device is ideal for anyone who loves traditional typewriters and simple design. The KM-G11 features a frameless metal case..

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May 212018

Aukey Bi-Directional HDMI Switch

Have your HDMI and view it, too, with the Aukey Bi-Directional HDMI Switch. Offering two different HDMI ports, you never have to choose between sources again. This clever dongle works both ways. You can connect two different HDMI sources to..

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Dec 202017

AUKEY Mini Metal Bluetooth Speaker

Big things can come in small packages. Just take the AUKEY Mini Metal Bluetooth Speaker for example. Sporting a tiny frame, this audio system sure is mighty. The Mini Speaker gives you multiple source options for your tunes. You can..

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Aug 262017

AUKEY SunPower Solar Panel Charger

Use the power of Mother Nature to charge up with the AUKEY SunPower Solar Panel Charger. Coming in a compact foldable design, these panels unfold to capture the most amount of energy. The SunPower features three different solar panels and..

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Jun 242015

USB Travel Wall Charger Adapter by Aukey

Get maximum compatibility and charging speed for multiple USB devices at the same time by using the USB Travel Wall Charger Adapter from Aukey. It comes in both 3-port and 4-port versions with AIPower technology that has a TI chip..

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May 292015

Aukey Stand 3D Clamp Mount Holder For iPad mini

Accustomed to pick up your iPad when your computer is running and tackling a project? Aukey AK-3D presents a better solution for you. It has enough muscle and reach to position iPad above or beside your desktop or laptop. Flex..