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As the name suggests, ThinkGeek provides incredibly geeky products for the true geeks of the world. Complete with officially licensed merch, their products cater to every fandom.

Products we love from ThinkGeek

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Sep 152018

ThinkGeek Orpheus The Saddest Music Machine

Make your own musical companion with the ThinkGeek Orpheus The Saddest Music Machine. This robot-shaped music box plays music and lights up once you put him together. Orpheus needs your help to become himself straight out of the box. Enjoy..

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Jul 302018

ThinkGeek Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin

Flatten your dough with a mushroom kingdom with the ThinkGeek Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin. Featuring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and more, the kitchen gadget allows you to create the ideal dessert for your next party. Likewise, the rolling pin includes..

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Jul 202018

ThinkGeek Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

Be worthy of Thor’s tools with the ThinkGeek Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set. This officially licensed Marvel’s Avengers merchandise provides 44 essential tools. Complete with a molded case that looks just like Thor’s hammer, the tool set includes all the..

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May 292018

Multi-Tool Kit

Give the galaxy a run for its money with the Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit from ThinkGeek. Equipping you with everything you could need; this compact system is so much more than a space ship. This tool is officially licensed and..

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Apr 032018

ThinkGeek Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock

Ensure you always wake up in the morning with the ThinkGeek Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock. This officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise makes the same noise as the screaming sun from the Wedding Squanchers episode. If you..

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Mar 142018

Executive Knight Pen Holder

Use a knight to hold your pen with the ThinkGeek Executive Knight Pen Holder. This unique pen holder features a bowing knight that keeps your pen aloft, so you always know where it is. Instead of wasting time searching for..