Tick Tock Turtle All-In-One Kids Alarm Clock

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Improve your child’s sleep and wake routines with the Tick Tock Turtle All-In-One Kids Alarm Clock. Offering numerous features to enhance nights and mornings, Tick Tock Turtle is an all-in-one sleep companion for your child. By using Tick Tock Turtle, your child can wake up happier and more refreshed. It comes with a smart alarm that wakes your child at the optimal time in their sleep cycle. Using the built-in g-sensor, Tick Tock Turtle starts monitoring your child’s sleep thirty minutes before your set alarm time. This feature ensures that they wake up more naturally during the lightest stage of sleep. It also incorporates sunrise lights that light up an hour before your set alarm time, helping prepare your child to wake. Additionally, Tick Tock Turtle offers long red wavelength nighttime lights to promote sleep. Similarly, when you use the brightest setting, it provides approximately five-foot visibility. Finally, Tick Tock Turtle also works as a sleep trainer using color cues.

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