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Clustered Strategic Card Game

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Gift your child a strategic card game in the form of Clustered. It will not only exercise their mind but will also be fun at the same time. This is a tactical card game which works on the principle of pattern recognition. In fact, the aim is pretty simple. You have to place your cards in clusters and block your opponents from doing so. With this in mind, the players make their moves based on the type of card they have with them. The symbols on the cards vary by shape, fill type, and number. Your challenge as a player is to test your pattern recognition skills. The aim should be to go for cards that share attributes with the neighboring cards on the board. Additionally, you must consider getting a cluster either in the form of a row or square. Clustered continues until the last card is played. It’s simple yet challenging, and that’s what makes this card game great for family game night.

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