POMO WAFFLE GPS Smartwatch for Kids

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POMO WAFFLE is the first GPS smartwatch that helps kids understand responsibility, express creativity and develop a healthy independence. This watch is designed to be their little helper, always there to entertain, help grow, and keep the child safe. It helps the child read the time through pictures and icons that are easy to understand and encourage learning. The watch is packed with fun features for kids and useful safety features for parents. From the moment they wake up, POMO WAFFLE becomes a valuable friend to help them through the day. You can use it as a learning tool, helping your child become more organized and self-sufficient. It can be a struggle to organize the kids, so they have setup an easy way for parents to create tasks and reminders for kids. You can now schedule in reminders for things like “time for bed” and “play time”. POMO WAFFLE is a lot of fun but when your child needs to focus on study, this mode will ensure their focus is where it should be.

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