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ORLY Bed Premium Birch Fiber Bedding

$125 USD
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Sleep in extraordinary comfort with the ORLY Bed Premium Birch Fiber Bedding. By combining comfort with technology, ORLY delivers the ultimate sleep experience. ORLY birch fiber bedding utilizes the incredible benefits of pure silver nano-beads infused with tea tree essential oil. The sheets also offer weight to help you relax and calm down before sleeping. In addition, birch fiber is more absorbent and resistant than cotton, smooth and supple like silk and breathable like linen. It also regulates your body temperature, making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Furthermore, silver and tea tree allow the elimination of bacteria, fungi, and cutaneous infections. Finally, the fabrics don’t use any harsh chemical ingredients, just birch fibers, Supima cotton, pure silver and tea tree essential oil.

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