Love to be comfortable? You need to try ORLY’s birch-fiber bedding

Historically, birch trees have been used to make tea, produce tar, build model airplanes, and craft canoes. Next up: birch-fiber bedding.

Love to be comfortable? You need to try ORLY’s birch-fiber bedding
  • Struggling to get some shuteye? Here are some top sleeping tips.
  • According to the director of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine Center, cool conditions can really improve your chance of rest.
  • ORLY bedding uses 70% birch fibers to help regulate your temperature during the night.

It’s funny how the small things can often make such a big difference. You can spend thousands on a luxury king-sized bed, yet your comfort levels will be dictated by the sheets you choose. Spending an extra $20 can be the difference between writhing around in a pool of sweat and enjoying instant shuteye. Most bedding is made from cotton or linen. Both materials have their strengths and weaknesses. ORLY’s birch wood-fiber bedding seems to combine the best of both worlds, while adding a few upgrades of their own. These may be the comfiest sheets you ever own.

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Woven wood

Birch-fiber bedding

In the northern hemisphere, most of us will recognize the trees with papery bark. Due to their abundance, birch trees have been used to make tar and tea, add flavor to food, and decorate churches. Today, many musicians only accept speaker cabinets made from birch plywood.

So, it should be no surprise to find birch in bedding. That said, you wouldn’t know that ORLY sheets were made from wood. The birch fibers are intertwined with super-soft Supima cotton and antibacterial silver nano-beads. You also get a touch of tea tree oil, which offers a range of skin benefits.

[tweet_box]Compared with regular cotton sheets, this birch-fiber bedding feels more like silk.[/tweet_box]

Compared with regular cotton sheets, the birch sheets feel more like silk. They are also more absorbent and resistant to abrasion. In addition, ORLY bedding has all the breathability of high-quality linen.

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Sooo comfortable

Perfect comfort

Several factors influence your overall level of comfort in bed. Perhaps the most important is temperature — if you’re too hot or too cold, it’s virtually impossible to drift off.

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Great breathability

ORLY’s birch bedding is designed to provide better temperature control than most sheets. They feel quite cool to the touch, and they absorb any sweat that builds up.

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No bacteria here!

The use of silver nano-beads adds to the weight, of course. But the primary purpose of including this precious metal is to keep your bedding hygienic. Silver naturally kills off bacteria — hence its use in surgical equipment.

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Someone likes birch…

Each ORLY sheet is composed of around 70% birch. The remaining 30% is Supima cotton. Grown in California, this is some of the finest cotton in the world. It has extra-long fibers, which make the sheets soft yet strong.

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Total luxury

The final key ingredient is tea tree oil. Aside from smelling nice, this essential oil has antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic qualities.

“Utilizing the incredible benefits of pure silver and infused with tea tree essential oil incorporated directly into the heart of the fiber, ORLY has created a unique, innovative product boasting remarkable virtues and promoting total wellness. Our mission was to design a collection of bedclothes combining comfort with technology to bring on the best, most incomparable sleep experience possible. ” — Design Sköll on Kickstarter

We approve

With any set of sheets, the proof is in the snuggling. We can’t tell you just how soft and cool these sheets are going to feel. However, ORLY has clearly put a lot of time and effort into making some top-class bedding.

Constructive criticism

While these are obviously premium sheets, the price point is pretty high. Maybe ORLY bedding will become a little more affordable over time.


– Kickstarter: Until May 23rd

– Pledge: $125 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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