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Collagen Renew Collagen Infused Premium Bottled Water

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Enjoy the new standard in healthy hydration with Collagen Renew Premium Bottled Water. Collagen Renew brings you collagen water that is clear, clean and crisp tasting. This premium bottled water combines collagen, minerals, electrolytes, and L-Carnosine. These ingredients extend the life of your existing collagen, loading it with supernatural health benefits that keep your body healthy and young. Each bottle contains two grams of a special blend of grass-fed, hydrolyzed collagen type I, II and III. It has been clinically proven that taking it daily enhances skin, hair, and nails. It also includes 250 milligrams of kosher and GMO-free L-Carnosine and a blend of other supportive peptides. In addition, the purified water uses reverse osmosis and has an alkaline pH of 7.8.

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