ThinkGeek Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock

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Ensure you always wake up in the morning with the ThinkGeek Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock. This officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise makes the same noise as the screaming sun from the Wedding Squanchers episode. If you need extra motivation to get out of bed each day, then look no further than this quirky alarm clock. When it is time for you to get up, the sun rises above the mountains and begins screaming non-stop. You can even set the alarm to keep the noise going for 42 hours. In addition, it comes with a volume dial so you can set it between 80 and 90 decibels. With this level of annoyance, there’s no way you will (or can!) stay in bed. This ThinkGeek exclusive will surely wake up even the deepest sleeper.

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