SPACO – The First 720 degree Home Theater System

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SPACO is a revolutionary 720-degree acoustics field that has been created by the combination of 28 dynamic and electrostatic diaphragm drivers, which provide movie-theater grade audio – all within a compact home audio system. Most high street systems use less than half the number of drivers and rarely the electrostatic drivers. The levitating tweeter speaker, unimpeded by surface friction, faces upward, providing crystal-clear, high-pitched audio. It charges while levitating meaning 365-Days Always-On Audio. The tweeter doesn’t need to fall to charge. These levitating speakers are here to take your home theater experience to a new level altogether. The SPACO system is specially designed to emit a circle of light and sound over a full 360-degree range, infusing your room with glow and acoustics. Adjust your light settings for each speaker through the app, using a whole-color spectrum, and then control by voice. SPACO also gives you music in concert across the whole home or different music in each room. Set up individual speakers and their names and speak to family in different rooms across your home with the two-way speaker and microphone.

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