Salty Design Bolge 60 Surfboard Coffee Table

$1900 USD
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Show your love for the beach with the Salty Design Bolge 60 Surfboard Coffee Table. Paying homage to the beach lifestyle, the Bolge 50 table looks just like a surfboard. Additionally, this functional coffee table is ideal for large rooms and blends in with any interior design. It also comes with different graphics for you to choose from. Featuring two solid color options, the All White or Black edition is suitable for any living space. In addition, the Burlington Grey & Grey, Burlington Orange & Blue and Natural Cork Tie & Die add a unique aesthetic. Similarly, the Burlington pattern offers a distinctive style and elegance. Furthermore, the Prouvé’s diagonal legs make the Bolge 60 stand out from the rest. The coffee table has a height of 40 centimeters, making it ideal for resting your mug and more.

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