Switch Pocket Knife and Multi-Tool

$89 USD
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The Switch is a pocket knife and multi-tool that comes with 12 attachments for handling 16 different kinds of jobs. Together, they make you handier than the handiest of handymen. It has a blade, a serrated blade and a wood saw. You get a Philips screwdriver and a micro Philips screwdriver. You get a bottle opener/flathead screwdriver and a micro flathead screwdriver. You get a file, scissors, pliers and an LED flashlight. If that’s not enough, you also get a mirror/tweezer/pick/pen combo. When you’re armed with a pocket knife like this, you don’t have to scratch around looking for tools for slicing open boxes, tightening the tiny screws on sunglasses or cutting fishing lines. You just pull out the Switch and find the right attachment for the job.


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