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Vitchelo – Headlamp W/ Red LED For Hunting, Camping or Running

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Heading outdoors at night won’t be much of a problem if you have VITCHELO® by your side. This is a versatile and reliable headlamp that will help you see your way through the dark. So whether it’s about reading a book at night or going through a rough patch in the woods at night, VITCHELO® headlamp will ensure your way is lit up bright all the time. It includes narrow as well as white lights with a dimmable light option to save battery life. The lockout feature will prevent your battery from draining out even when not in use. There are two separate buttons to control red and white lights whereas a red LED light will help in preserving night vision. The touch activated BOOST mode will bring the lamp to full brightness with a simple touch. Take your dog for a walk in the middle of the night or head for a camping trip in the woods; the VITCHELO® headlamp will always keep you and your way brightly lit up on the go. Please note that in order to use the coupon code, you have to purchase the product via its’ official website below.

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