Roader makes it easy to create a personal highlight reel

Some moments are too precious to miss. This new wearable camera lets you rewind to 10 seconds before you started recording.

Roader makes it easy to create a personal highlight reel
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  • How can I create a video journal? Simply use your smartphone or a wearable camera to record the best moments of each day.
  • What is the best wearable camera? With its innovative rewind function, Roader is one of the best options available.

Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, we take more photos and videos than any previous generation. From the first coffee of Monday morning to the floorfillers of Saturday night, we document every facet of our lives.

Yet for all this photography, we still miss a lot of great stuff. Unexpected highlights can appear out of nowhere and vanish in seconds, but they are important nonetheless.

Roader is a new wearable camera that wants to take you back in time. Okay, so we’re not talking about DeLorean technology here — but you can rewind 10 seconds at any time. Essentially, this device lets you create a personal highlight reel, complete with action replays.

What is a wearable camera?

Technically speaking, action cameras are wearable. You can easily strap a GoPro to your chest, for instance. But this simply isn’t practical when you’re going about your daily business.

In contrast, Roader is meant to be worn all day, every day. This tiny device hangs around your neck like a pendant to get a first-person view of the action. To start recording, you simply press once on the front of the camera.

personal highlight reel 04

Capture every smile

[tweet_box]Some moments are too precious to miss. This new wearable camera lets you rewind to 10 seconds before you started recording.[/tweet_box]

In addition, Roader maintains a video buffer. As a result, you can rewind and start your video from 10 seconds before you hit the button. This thing really does work miracles.

Personal highlight reel

personal highlight reel 03

Hands-free recording

That video buffer is what makes Roader so effective. Instead of having to predict when cool stuff is going to happen, you can capture the event as it unfolds.

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Go live on Facebook

Roader also allows you to broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. If you are trying to grow your social media profile, this could be a great way to offer new content.

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Edit your movies

All the footage is instantly uploaded to your phone, where you can edit and share the video. Roader creates both SD and HD versions, and the camera offers seven hours of battery life.

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All-day battery life

Of course, some people might feel uncomfortable about wearing a camera. But if you’re tired of holding a smartphone in front of your face to take short videos, Roader provides a neat solution.

“With Roader, you will never miss a moment. Your clip starts 10 seconds before you touch the record button, so when you see something interesting, Roader has already captured video before the moment is over. The Roader app lets you share your experiences instantly. Create amazing video content or even world news!” — Roader Team on IndieGoGo

What we ❤️

There are so many occasions where it would be great to have an action replay. This camera gives you the opportunity to see your friends’ epic fails over and over!

personal highlight reel 01

Instant replays

Future designs

It’s a shame that you can only record 20 seconds in one go. Raising this time limit would be a great upgrade in version two.


– IndieGoGo: Until August 2018

– Pledge: $139 USD

– Delivery: October 2018

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