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Mother’s Day gift ideas every mom will love

Did you know Mother’s Day is 104 years old this year? Woodrow Wilson introduced it in 1914 as a way for everyone to appreciate their mother. Father’s Day, however, wasn’t an official holiday until 1972. Struggling to think of something... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

How to upgrade your home for under $500

Spring is here which means one thing: spring cleaning. It might not be fun, but following a checklist by Martha Stewart ensures you’ll do it right. In addition to the list, remember to check these oft-forgotten areas, too. Along with... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Smart kitchen gadgets that will motivate you to eat healthy

Cooking with technology makes the task easier than ever. Alexa can help you create a shopping list, convert units, and even start your smart coffee machine, all with just your voice. Nutrifix is an app helps you eat better while... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

The ultimate Apple user accessory guide

Apple has around 1.3 billion active devices worldwide, a 30% increase in the last two years. Apple’s been releasing red iPhones for a while now and we can’t get over the beauty of the new red iPhone 8. As a... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

These corporate gifts will make a good first impression

Corporate gifts play a significant role in building business relationships. Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts. Gifts are not just about showing your appreciation — they can really help to grow your brand. There’s no need to break... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Time-saving gadgets for a more productive life

How often do you say “I’m so busy”? Busyness has become a status symbol for professionals of today. Although we try to increase our salary, it seems our workload never slows down. But, there was a time when earning more... Continue Reading

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