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Product Roundups

Hot collections of the coolest gadgets of the web. Weekly compilations and roundups

Tech News

Smart TVs – What’s all the hype about?

Will smart speakers and TVs be the most popular gadgets of the year? According to statistics, one in six Americans owns a smart speaker. However, we cannot ignore the fact that with so much AI, our privacy might be at... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Best of CES 2018 – Check Out Our 20 Favorite Gadgets

The LG OLED Canyon stood out the entire show. In fact, people even started calling it the tunnel of entertainment and they couldn’t have been more right. Vehicle tech was another attraction of the show. From the Toyota e-Palette to... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

CES 2018 Day 4 Awaits a Killer Closing Party

“It’s the year of A.I. and conversational interfaces,” said J. P. Gownder, an analyst for Forrester Research. He’s quite right because AI is no longer confined to robots. This year, even cat litter boxes got an AI upgrade. While some... Continue Reading

Tech News

CES 2018 Day 3 kickstarts with tech challenges and more gadgets

Just when we were thinking e-commerce is modern enough, Toyota came up with the e-Palette mobility concept. If you consider laundry the worst part of your day, there is a $16,000 robot to sort it out for you. The Circular... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

CES 2018 Day 2 will take you on a smart city walk

Tech industry revenue will reach a record $351 billion in 2018. In its inaugural International Innovation Scorecard, CTA (Consumer Technology Association) identified Finland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, United States, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark and New... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

CES 2018 day 1 starts with a record-breaking drone light show

Fun fact: the keynote of the show was a Guinness World Record for the first 100-drone indoor show without GPS. Shooting star mini-drone from Intel was the highlight of this iconic light show. Believe it or not, robots have their... Continue Reading

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