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Product Roundups

Hot collections of the coolest gadgets of the web. Weekly compilations and roundups

Product Roundups

How Bluesmart Came to Be the New Name in Travel Tech

Travel is not a new pastime. But it is true to say that we are collectively flying about more than ever before. We also have new needs when we travel. People on vacation want to bring iPads, cameras and e-readers... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Sidekick Will Backup and Charge Your Phone When You Need It Most

Imagine for a moment that you’re in a strange city at dusk. Due to unforeseen events, you are going to have to stay overnight. You haven’t got a hotel booked, but that’s okay — you can find one using your... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Capsule Is the Easy Way to Backup Your Photos

To photos and videos, we entrust the memories of a lifetime. You could say that these digital files are some of our most treasured possessions. Yet we often fail to take care of these visual artefacts. All too often, we... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

10 Amazing Gadgets to Gift Yourself this Holiday Season

This week, we asked you what kind of gift guide you would like to see. Rather than embracing the holiday spirit, you asked for gadgets that you can treat yourself to. Good choice, we say — no-one knows exactly what... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

Gear Up Your Home with These Useful Smart Home Gadgets

We may not have flying cars, but the 21st century sure does have some cool gadgets. From automatic doors to an intelligent iron, your younger self would be truly blown away to know this was in their future. But, smart... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

5 Brands That Make Out-of-the-Box Everyday Accessories

Sometimes, very small things can have a very large impact. For the lack of a single bolt, even a machine the size of a cruise ship can come apart. The same goes for technology. Your phone may look beautiful when... Continue Reading

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