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Product Stories

When you are away, VARRAM will play with your pet

What are the best gadgets for pets? Check out the pet accessories collection for some great ideas. How much exercise does my pet need? This varies greatly depending on the species. The bare minimum for most cats and dogs is... Continue Reading

Working Remotely

The AlleyOOP Rocker makes standing more comfortable

What are the advantages of using a standing desk? Standing increases your blood pressure and burns more calories, thus reducing the risk of disease. What is the best adjustable standing desk? Take a browse through our work desks collection for... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

Kickbooster’s new Shopify app will help you turn a profit

What is Kickbooster? It’s a platform that allows you to create an affiliate / referral program for your crowdfunding campaign or e-commerce store. How does affiliate marketing work? When publishers, influencers and customers promote your business, they get a small... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Hate holding your iPad? Handle Plus is the solution

What is the lightest tablet? At just 0.58 pounds (265 grams), the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is the lightest mainstream option. When will the next iPad be unveiled? We have only rumors to work on, but there’s a good... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Love plants? OrchidBox makes it easy to grow indoors

What is a terrarium? It’s like a fish tank for plants — a glass container that provides the ideal habitat for growing. What are the best flowers for growing indoors? Try African violets, jasmine, kalanchoe and impatiens. Can you grow... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

9 Running accessories that will improve your morning jog

How accurate are activity monitors? They provide a good estimate of the number of steps you take. The calorie count is more like a guesstimate. Is running the best way to get fit? It’s certainly one of the best ways... Continue Reading

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