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Product Stories

EyeQue VisionCheck is the most convenient eye test ever

What is the best new glasses tech? Check out our Eyewear section for some remarkable specs. How do you tell when you need new glasses? Aside from blurred vision, you may start getting headaches and eye fatigue. Is it possible..

Product Stories

Access your files from anywhere in the world with Filegear

Is cloud storage secure? It should be, given that most services use encryption. However, passwords can be guessed. What is a cloud drive? It’s an external drive that can connect to the Internet. This feature allows you to access your..

Product Stories

Beautiful simplicity is the tagline of ZEITSTÜCK watches

Why do they say that less is more? Adding extra features often makes a product more confusing or difficult to use. What is a semi-mechanical watch? It’s another name for a self-winding watch; a timepiece driven by battery power. What..

Product Stories

Expect to be comfortable with the Cotton Shower Pillow

How should you sleep to avoid neck pain? Make sure your pillow isn’t too high or stiff. You’re aiming to keep your whole spine in a straight line. Is it better to sleep with one or two pillows? Unless you..

Product Stories

When you need to pay, the Flip-Fold wallet offers quick access

What is RFID? It’s the technology that allows contactless cards to communicate with payment terminals. What is RFID theft? Many thieves now use portable payment terminals to trigger contactless cards. Victims are usually oblivious. What is the best slim wallet..

Product Stories

POD is the most versatile cable tidy you’ve ever seen

What is the best way to coil a cable? Create a loop, but alternate the direction of the cable each time. This will prevent knots from forming. Can you safely knot a power cord? It’s probably not a good idea...

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