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Garmin is at the forefront of technology for your passions. Each device caters to specific and even niche needs to maximize your experience and help you improve. From smartwatches to GPS, they've pioneered new frontiers of tracking.

Products we love from Garmin

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Oct 152018

Garmin Instinct Rugged GPS Smartwatch

Confidently wear this smartwatch during any activity for GPS tracking, health monitoring and more.

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Aug 302018

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Activity Tracker

Keep track of your fitness metrics in style with the Garmin Vivosmart 4 Activity Tracker. With a fashionable design, this tracker features metal accents as well as an easy-to-read display. The slim-fit design of the Vivosmart 4 makes it stylish and..

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Apr 082018

Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera

Connect to your world from your car with the Garmin Speak Plus Alexa Dashboard Camera. Offering turn-by-turn directions, it gets you from A to B with ease. In addition to GPS, the Speak Plus connects wirelessly to your device to..

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Jan 112018

Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS Music Smartwatch

Add some music for motivation to your workout with the Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS Music Smartwatch. The first from the brand to offer stored music, you can now tune in without lugging around your smartphone. The Forerunner 645 has the..

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Nov 112017

Garmin Descent Mk1 GPS Diving Watch

Take your tech to all new levels with the Garmin Descent Mk1 Diving Watch. This wearable computer gives you insight into key data while you’re mid-dive. The intelligent technology of Garmin to provide you with precise GPS. Plus, the 1.2-inch..

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Oct 272017

Garmin Impact Baseball Bat Swing Sensor

Improve your game like never before with the Garmin Impact Baseball Bat Swing Sensor. Attaching to the bat itself, this device gives you metrics in real-time. The built-in display shows you your bat speed, hand speed, elevation, attack angle, and..