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Aero Foldable Smart E-Bike

$899 USD
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Upgrade your commute with the Aero Foldable Smart E-Bike. This powerful bike gives you a top speed of 22mph as well as an impressive range of 45 miles. With these metrics, you can zip through the traffic and shorten your commute. In addition, the Aero E-Bike stores as easily as it rides. The entire bike folds down in a matter of seconds for effortless storage. There’s even a handle built into the handlebars so you can move it with ease. The Aero E-Bike comes in three models: The Aero, the Aero Plus, and the Aero S. The difference is in the battery which contributes to a longer range and higher speeds. Additionally, the Aero E-Bike features 12-inch wheels and a double rear disc brake system to handle a variety of terrains. Finally, on the top is a waterproof digital display so you can monitor your battery level, distance, and speed.

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