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Multi Tools

Discover some of the most useful multi-tools you can carry in your pocket

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Nov 292018

Distinct EDC Customizable Multi-Tool

Customize all the tools you need in your pocket with Distinct. Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, this everyday carry combines more than 30 tools in one. Featuring a smart and seamless design, Distinct holds 10 hex bits in its..

Sep 222018

Leatherman Tread Apple Watch Adapter

Always have the tool you need when you need it with the Leatherman Tread Apple Watch Adapter. This band replaces the one you have to give you more tools than you could imagine. The Leatherman Tread is complete with items..

Sep 102018

Tactical 5-in-1 EDC Emergency Tool

Be ready for anything when you have the Tactical 5-in-1 EDC Emergency Tool from MeetIDEA. Designed to be easy to carry, it does it all. It includes a car charger so you can plug in and charge up on the..

Sep 042018

James Brand Halifax Multifunctional Keychain Tool

Make daily life easier by carrying a versatile gadget with the James Brand Halifax Multifunctional Keychain Tool. This EDC tool is designed to be the ultimate daily companion. Machined from just one block of 6AL4V titanium, the Halifax is incredibly..

Aug 312018

Toler UNION OMNILOCK Pocket Multi Tool

Do more with your everyday carry with the Toler UNION OMNILOCK Pocket Multi Tool. Offering a patented pending highlighted feature, the versatile EDC comes with an OMNILOCK self-adjusting wrench. The opened ended and ratcheting wrench can easily grab any 1/4..

Aug 222018

T’spin Titanium Travel Multi-Tool

Bring one gadget on every trip with the T’spin Titanium Travel Multi-Tool. Designed for traveling, this versatile gadget provides a solution to problems that arise when you’re far from home. Compact and durable, T’spin offers many different uses. To begin..