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Smart Home and IoT

Smart Home and IoT

These are the best smart home gadgets and IoT devices for a connected life.

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sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System has nearly 2x the cooling power of previous systems
sleepme Dock Pro App-Controlled Smart Sleep System
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Atomi Smart WiFi LED Floodlight works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and app control
Atomi Smart Dimmable Aluminum WiFi LED Floodlight
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Lindo Dual-Camera Video Doorbell removes blind spots in human and package detection
Lindo Dual-Camera IR Night Vision Video Doorbell
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WyreStorm FOCUS 210 4K Ultra HD AI-tracking webcam has a 120º lens & wide field of view
WyreStorm FOCUS 210 Wide-Angle 4K AI-Tracking Webcam
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SmartWind automated window senses the temperature for an eco-friendly fresh air solution
SmartWind Automated Temperature-Sensing Window
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LG CineBeam HU915QB & HU915QE Premium 4K UHD Laser UST Projectors provide vibrant images
LG CineBeam HU915QB & HU915QE UHD Laser Projectors
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What Is a Smart Home Gadget?

A smart home gadget or accessory is a device that usually connects to a hub and lets you control certain parts of your home through your mobile phone or the web. Examples include smart locks, smart fans, robot vacuums, smart faucets, and more.

What Is the Best Smart Home Gadget?

The best smart home gadget depends on what you need. Do you want to see who’s out front of your home? Then a smart doorbell or security camera will be the best for you. Do you want a hub to give you daily information and play music? Then you’ll want an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. There are thousands of smart home gadgets, and the most popular are currently alarms, smart locks, thermostats, fans, and cameras.

What Should I Have in My Smart Home?

When building a smart home, most people start with small devices such as cameras, plugs, and window sensors. Many companies offer customized solutions for new houses, which are usually more expensive than building your own system. However, it all depends on how comfortable you feel with new technology. A more tech-advanced homeowner would want to expand to a fully smart and automated alarm system, add thermostats for heating and cooling, use smart vacuums and moppers, and more.

How Do I Turn My Home into a Smart House?

The first step is to decide which voice assistant to use. If you use Android devices, you can pick between Alexa, Cortana, and Google. If you use Apple devices, you can consider Apple’s Siri. Read more about how to get started with your smart home in our in-depth article.

Our Mission: Help You Find the Best Gadgets

We simplify product discovery. This means you can find all the greatest gadgets in record time. As a technology company, our mission since 2012 has been to make it easy for you to discover quality products and stay updated with the latest trends.
How Much Does It Cost to Make a House a Smart Home?
Making your home smart may be expensive even if you start with small devices. Because it’s a relatively new trend, most smart home gadgets are still quite expensive. You can start with lesser-known brands, but we don’t recommend that as they don’t always last as long. Therefore, their long-term value is lower than popular brands such as Wemo, Philips, Ring, etc. You can begin your smart home for as low as $40 with a smart wall plug, but a full-house setup for an average house of 1,800 sq. ft. costs between $1,000 and $5,000.