Suaoki P7 Digital Laser Measurer

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Expedite all of your measuring tasks with the Suaoki P7 Digital Laser Measurer. This handy device combines a laser distance meter and an angle sensor. Using Bluetooth, the Suaoki P7 connects to the app on your smartphone or tablet to give you instant and effortless measurements. Simply point the laser and click on two points anywhere around you. The device instantly retrieves an exact measurement between the two points. It’s so impressive, it even accounts for your slightly shaky hands while in use. The P7 uses technology to also automatically calculate area and volume. Amazingly, the P7 can account for objects in your path by applying trigonometric formulas. On the other hand, the P7 can also deliver precise angles. The highly sensitive sensor adjusts as the P7 moves to give you measurements down to a tenth of a degree. Dust and splashproof, it can withstand daily use on any job site.

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