Nutrimill Harvest Electronic Grain Mill

$299 USD
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Get the freshest taste possible right at home with the Nutrimil Harvest Electronic Grain Mill. From hot cereal to fine flour, this device can handle it all. Inside the Harvest Grain Mill are near diamond hard Corundum Grainmaster milling stones. These stones can handle tough and hard grains of all varieties. In addition, the mill also features a 450-Watt heavy duty motor. With the auto-shutoff function for thermal protection, it’s also super safe. Totally eco-friendly, the Harvest Grain Mill is made of sustainable bamboo. While this material is great for the environment, it also adds a striking aesthetic so it fits in with any kitchen. Finally, the Harvest Grain Mill is complete with a spout. As you grind and crack, your grains go right into your mixing bowl.

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