Aqua Jet Revolutionary Water Razor

$17 USD
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Change the way you shave with the Aqua Jet Revolutionary Water Razor. Using a continuous flow of water, this innovative grooming tool gives you an ultra close and smooth shave every time. The Aqua Jet Razor comes with two different connectors to be compatible with any shower hose. Simply remove your shower head, add the connector, and connect the Aqua Jet Razor. Then, the water flows through the hose and out the end of the razor itself. This totally eliminates the need for chemical-filled shaving gels, creams, or even soap. The water helps to protect your skin and allows the razor to glide seamlessly. Because it connects to the shower hose, the Aqua Jet Razor can reach every part of your body. The Aqua Jet Razor also comes with two cartridges – one with five blades and the other with three. The two give you the option for total precision.

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