Best drones to buy in 2021: DJI, Sony, Skydio, and more

As the drone industry expands, more and more drones are released with features we once couldn't imagine. There are drones that carry DSLR cameras and drones that weigh less than a smartphone. In this blog, we cover the best drones to buy in 2021.

Best drones to buy in 2021: DJI, Sony, Skydio, and more
Best drones to buy in 2021

As the world explores using drones for food and package delivery, you may feel the urge to get one for yourself and explore the art of flying one. Today’s digest is all about the best drones you can find.

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You might be a beginner pilot or a pro at using them for aerial photography. Either way, this guide is for everyone. Once you go through the list, we’re sure you’ll find a drone for yourself or someone you love.

1. The DJI Mini SE has a 3-axis gimbal and is the size of a smartphone.

Best drones to buy in 2021: DJI, Sony, Skydio, and more
DJI Mini SE compact camera drone design

This entry-level drone weighs just 8.8 ounces which is lighter than many smartphones. There’s also a 3-axis motorized gimbal that gives you top-of-the-line camera stability and clear footage. Additionally, this gadget is great for creators on the go, thanks to its extremely portable design. 

You can get it from Amazon for $299.

2. The Acecore Technologies Zoe Zetona can control a 60-megapixel Sony a7R IV for a whopping 25 minutes.

The Zoe Zetona drone in action

The Zetona drone can serve as an inspection tool for high-value and high-risk industrial tasks. Since its F9P L1/L2 RTK precision positions work with 4 or 8 oversized engines, it can hold itself almost completely still in the air. In fact, you’ll have full camera control over the Sony a7R IV because you can access all settings remotely.

The price of the Zoe Zetona is available upon request.

3. The Teledyne FLIR Black Hornet PRS soldiers’ drone uses nanotechnology to detect threats day and night.

Best drones to buy in 2021: DJI, Sony, Skydio, and more
Teledyne FLIR Black Hornet PRS soldiers’ drone in use

This military drone boasts Nano UAV technology that detects and identifies around the clock. With EO and IR tech, this professional drone gives ground soldiers the information they need to stay safe. Nearly silent, this soldiers’ drone can increase speed and complete maneuvers without detection.

You can get more information on it from the official website.

4. The Skydio X2 4K Autonomous Drone turns anyone into an expert pilot.

Best drones to buy in 2021: DJI, Sony, Skydio, and more
Skydio X2 4K drone product design

The 4K60P HDR color camera with 16x digital zoom of the Skydio X2 drone presents clear and sharp images. Therefore, you can obtain precise details even if you’re not close. Also, its 360 Superzoom™ feature enabled by the six navigation cameras allows you to create an omnidirectional view when you need more awareness and support. Your images will be stable, too, thanks to the included gimbal. This prevents any shakes or distortion, so you don’t need to be an experienced drone operator to use it. 

A complete Skydio X2 system starts at $10,999. Contact Skydio for sales inquiries. 

5. The 1″ CMOS sensor of the DJI Air 2S photography drone makes it ideal for capturing the tiniest details.

Best drones to buy in 2021: DJI, Sony, Skydio, and more
DJI Air 2S photography drone in gray

The DJI Air 2S shoots videos in 5.4K to deliver authentic color tones and rich clarity for footage on a whole new level. It’s also equipped with advanced image transmission technology and 1080p image quality for ultrasmooth, clear, and reliable content. Most impressively, it can even obtain crisp footage from up to 12 km away. With one tap, it will fly several routes while filming its surroundings. 

You can get it from the official website for $999.

6. The Sony Airpeak S1 drone carries an Alpha camera with ease and uses artificial intelligence for stable captures.

Sony Airpeak S1 drone carrying an Alpha camera

What makes the Sony Airpeak S1 drone unbelievably cool is the fact that it can carry an Alpha camera system. Somehow, it manages to maintain an impressively tiny stature while being able to hold your whole camera setup. It’s ideal for video content creation and professional photography. Moreover, this drone supports all of Sony’s mirrorless Alpha cameras. 

You can get it starting in Fall 2021 for $9,000.

7. Take photos from up to 146 meters away with the Autel Robotics Evo II Dual thermal drone.

Autel Robotics Evo II drone in flying mode

Manufactured in the US, this drone best serves those working in the public safety sector. It helps recognize people and objects in the dark, smoke, fog, and more scenarios. Boasting a high-resolution IR camera, it has a separate 8K resolution RGB camera as well that’ll give police and other emergency services the detail and zoom ability they need.

You can get more information from the official website.

So, which one of these gadgets appeals to you the most? Share with us in the comments below.

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