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Daily Digest

Is it worth owning a smart sleeping setup?

Most of us don’t get enough shuteye. The problem is so widespread that there’s now a club for nappers in NYC. Many startups are focusing on this niche. Sleep gadgets range from custom pillows to weird spooning robots. However, innovation... Continue Reading

Tech News

Are 3D printers user-friendly yet?

Snapchat losing $1.3B from tons of online protests and a single Kylie Jenner tweet shows just how influential social media can be. Having the internet everywhere will soon be a reality. The SpaceX internet-beaming satellites are officially in orbit. Augmented... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Smart payment technology – where lies the future?

Construction has finally begun on Jeff Bezos’s $42 million 10,000-year clock. The goal is to build a mechanical clock that will run for 10 millenia. The new Google Pay app is considered to be good competition for Paypal, Venmo and... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Which apps and gadgets really help you relax?

Many apps claim to help you relax. Mental health experts say the results are mixed. While many of these aids claim to be based on scientific research, few actually are. However, that might not matter. Apps and journals can help... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

AI will rule the future – should we be worried?

Artificial intelligence is already doing great things — from hunting down poachers to teaching music. However, AI is only as good as the person who codes it. There are already concerns that some software could be biased. Privacy will also... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

A Tesla in space today – What’s coming up tomorrow?

Google Chrome is ridding the internet of ads. Cryptocurrency mining craze is stopping scientists from looking for extraterrestrials. Space experts have discovered 100 new alien planets while Elon Musk is all set to launch two new internet satellites. When the... Continue Reading

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