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Smart Living

When you are away, VARRAM will play with your pet

What are the best gadgets for pets? Check out the pet accessories collection for some great ideas. How much exercise does my pet need? This varies greatly depending on the species. The bare minimum for most cats and dogs is... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

The 10 best outdoor security cameras to monitor your home

What is the difference between weatherproof and waterproof? The former usually means a device can withstand rain. If you want comprehensive protection, go for waterproof. What is a smart security camera? Such devices offer additional intelligent features, such as motion... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Alexa vs. Google: what your house could look like

How many skills does Amazon Alexa know? Amazon’s super smart assistant actually knows about 25,000 commands (and counting). What are some recent advances for Google Assistant? Despite being connected to the most popular online translator on the planet, Google Assistant... Continue Reading

Smart Living

Luxury home tech is on the rise – here’s what your home needs next

It’s estimated that the typical home in 2022 will have more than 500 smart devices. According to Epic Luxury, 90% of the reason we buy smart home devices is for security. Zedd, the Grammy-winning music producer, has a house chock-full... Continue Reading

Product Stories

CYCO makes sure you will never forget your pills

Is it dangerous to forget your medication? It certainly can be. Ask your doctor about the implications and what you should do. What is the best way to remember pills? It helps to have some kind of reminder and an... Continue Reading

Product Roundups

5 Smart plugs to control your electronics from afar

What are the advantages of a smart plug? Smart plugs are great for monitoring energy usage, thereby helping you keep tabs on your energy bills. Some are also designed to be compatible with Amazon Alexa. How can you reduce your... Continue Reading

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