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Smart Living

The Cheerble smart toy will keep your pet active all day

What is the best new technology for pets? Take a look through our gadget-filled pet shop to see the coolest new tech for your furry friend. How much exercise does my pet need every day? Dogs need between 30 minutes..

Featured Posts

8 Connected coffee makers that will make mornings better

What is a connected coffee maker? Whereas most coffee makers are operated with push-button controls, connected machines can be controlled digitally via Wi-Fi. Why do I need a connected coffee machine? It gives you more options, and allows you to..

Product Stories

SkyFloat is a new tablet mount that attaches to the ceiling

What are the best iPad accessories in 2019? Take a look through our favourite cases, stands, and more. Can you use a tablet without touching the screen? Absolutely. If you have food or oil on your hands, you can simply..

Smart Living

The Gate smart lock provides an easy security upgrade

What is a smart door lock? It’s a lock with extra features such as remote control via Wi-Fi or a built-in video camera. Do you need to hire a locksmith to install a smart lock? A few smart locks require..

Product Roundups

You won’t believe what this smart home furniture can do

What is smart home furniture? Any chair, table, cabinet, or sofa that has tech embedded. Here are some examples. Can I get wireless charging in my desk or table? Absolutely. Many work tops and side tables have this feature. What..

Smart Living

Eterno can help you roll back the years

What are the most advanced beauty products? Take a look at our roundup of incredible beauty tech. Can technology help me apply make-up? Absolutely. The Fredenology Allure smart mirror allows you to try different looks digitally, while JUNO offers studio-quality..

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