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Smart Living

Hate getting into a stuffy car? You need to try acool

How do you keep a parked car cool? Use a windshield cover to reflect the sun, and keep the windows cracked open half an inch. Does AC work when your car is parked? Yes, but not effectively. The system needs..

Product Stories

TABLUX is the most elegant tablet stand you’ll ever see

What are some essential iPad accessories? Check out our favorite chargers, cases and keyboards. Why do I need a tablet stand? Being able to prop up your tablet is really convenient when you’re watching a movie or cooking from a..

Smart Living

AVC is the simple solution to a noisy washing machine

Why do washing machines rattle? Usually it’s due to being on a slightly uneven surface. What is the quietest washing machine? Try the AEG 7000 Series. It’s barely audible when you’re in the same room. How do you fix a..

Featured Posts

Next-gen smart home gadgets you need in the new year

What were the most popular smart home gadgets in 2018? Smart speakers and smart home security devices were the most popular. Do smart home gadgets replace your current devices? Sometimes, yes. However, many smart devices also work alongside your older..

Product Stories

SiB wants to be your smart home trigger

Do you need a smart speaker to control smart home devices? Not necessarily. You can use automation, apps and even a smart button to control your home. What is a smart button? It’s a physical switch that lets you remotely..

Product Roundups

Buyer’s guide: the state of smart lights in Q4 2018

Do smart lights work with regular sockets? Yes, virtually all of them do. It’s the tech inside the bulb that changes. Do you need to change your switches to use smart lights? Not necessarily. Many brands rely on apps or..

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