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Product Stories

Beam is the router that will protect your online privacy

How can I protect my online privacy? Most security experts recommend using a VPN, along with a browser extension such as Disconnect. What is a VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network. It allows you to browse the web... Continue Reading

Product Stories

TasteStick helps you conquer your salt addiction

What is the recommended daily intake of salt? Adults should avoid eating more than 6 grams / 0.3 ounces of salt each day. That’s about one teaspoon. Why is too much salt bad for you? Table salt is primarily sodium,... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Keep your gun safely hidden with the Lock It Up Box

What’s the safest way to store a gun? Keep your gun in a strong box or lockable case, and invest in a trigger lock to ensure no one else can use your firearm. How much is a good gun safe?... Continue Reading

Smart Living

Weekend Warrior is the ultimate lightweight travel bag

What are the advantages of taking a weekend break? You don’t have to eat into your vacation allowance, and you only need to pay for one night’s accommodation. What are the best short break destinations? In the USA, it’s worth... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

9 Gadgets to make your home Wi-Fi connection even better

Can artificial intelligence make our networks more secure? Yes, we did find one that does. Fortigis is a privacy & security wireless VPN router that checks, controls, and manages who connects to a user’s Wi-Fi network. What are some of the... Continue Reading

Smart Living

12 bedtime gadgets to give you the best sleep ever

Are weighted blankets any good? Their benefits date back to over thirty years when weighted blankets were used for even heat distribution. Now it’s possible to have these benefits with smart beds which regulate temperature based on your body preference,... Continue Reading

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