A TV that unfolds like an envelope—meet C SEED M1

Introducing the C SEED M1—a TV with 4K MicroLED technology that rises from the floor and unfolds into a 165-inch display. It creates vibrant colors and contrasts for an all-around impressive viewing experience. Continue reading to explore more about this luxury gadget.

A TV that unfolds like an envelope—meet C SEED M1
C SEED M1 TV in the living room

Just when you think you’ve seen about every design of TV possible, C SEED unveils a truly remarkable (and unique) feature that will make it take centre stage in any living space: it unfolds like an envelope.

At the push of the button, the floor opens, and within seconds, an 165-inch TV rises from the ground, silently. And you’ve finished watching your favorite shows, it elegantly hides away back into the floor like it was never there.

165 inches of MicroLED technology

The C SEED M1 is anything but a gimmick just to give you bragging rights to your guests; it also boasts an incredible display that’s engineered to perfection. Moreover, its TV experience goes beyond LCD and OLED to showcase the latest 4K MicroLED technology. This latest display technology reveals vibrant colors, deep blacks, and accuracy like you’ve never experienced before.

Moreover, this cutting-edge technology achieves an unparalleled color spectrum that creates true-to-life images with 16 bit per color and advanced HDR and HDR10+ process. The result is an enticing viewing experience that feels like the action is in your living room. So you can watch your favorite movies with incredible depth.

C SEED M1 001 unfolded

Seamless unfolding design

As much as this MicroLED, 165-inch TV boasts an incredible viewing experience, you can’t deny that its true character is in its folding and unfolding design. And watching it unfold is just as exciting as the viewing experience itself.

The C SEED M1 uses an Adaptive Gap Calibration system—an automatic distance measuring system that creates a seamless foldable surface. This results in no visible gaps once the TV is fully connected once again.

In addition, the high-resolution sensors can detect potential offsets before the TV folds in on itself. Measuring fractions of millimeters, it leaves invisible gaps, guaranteeing a seamless indoor TV experience that feels like you’re at the cinema.

C SEED M1 unfolding in action

Impressive audio quality, too

As you are probably already aware, audio quality is just as important as image quality for movie night. Built into the TV’s aluminum frame is a pair of 250-watt speakers and a 700-watt subwoofer. And Onboard Audio helps to provide an acoustic experience to match the stunning visuals.

Overall, this 165-inch TV will set you back a whopping $400,000 and is available in four colors: Black, Gold, Silver, and matte ‘Titan’.

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