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Daily Digest

5 Features we want to see in the next iPhone

When is the next iPhone likely to arrive? Most industry experts believe three new iPhones will be unveiled in September (nope, not WWDC). How much will the new iPhones cost? No one knows yet, although we’re not expecting any major..

Tech News

8 Devices in your home you probably didn’t know can be hacked

How common are cyber attacks? According to one source, there are about 130 large-scale attacks per year. What’s one way I can improve my cyber security at home? Make sure you have unique and difficult passwords for all your connected..

Product Stories

Get fast charging on the road with Fiora

What is Qi charging? It’s the wireless charging system used by Apple, Samsung and many more device makers. How fast is Qi charging? The Qi standard supports up to 15 watts, although many Qi chargers are less powerful. What is..

Daily Digest

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up tech companies is moving forward

When will the break up begin? It’s still unclear. While it appears the regulations will be approved shortly, it’s not yet determined when they’ll take effect. What are Tesla’s plans for the tech breakup? They seem to be taking a..

Tech News

Are delivery drones ready for takeoff?

What are delivery drones? Self-navigating machines that deliver to your door. This term mostly refers to quad- and hexacopters, but rolling drones also exist. Who is using delivery drones? Amazon and Google have both tested aerial delivery drones, although neither..

Daily Digest

Apple event highlights – new Apple TV app, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and more

When is the next Apple event? While we can expect some new announcements at WWDC in June, Apple’s Keynote event takes place each September. Which services were launched or upgraded during this Apple Event? They focused on Apple News, Apple..

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