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Is technology changing the face of fashion?

Bridging the gap between humans and technology, we now have the world’s first digital model. And, she’s even more beautiful than you’d imagine. Digital images aren’t the only tech to replace models. Dolce and Gabbana used drones to carry their..

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Which 2-in-1 tablet is the right one for you?

What’s the latest tablet from Apple? The new iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ are loaded with technology. They include the new A12X Bionic chip which uses 7-nanometer technology with 10 billion transistors. With ultra-high efficiency, it’s also more energy efficient. What..

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Are VFX and VR the future of cinema?

If it feels like movies are getting more real than ever before, you’re right. Star Wars: The Last Jedi on 4K Blu-ray proves that visual effects are only improving. Cinema has always been about telling a story. Every since 1968,..

Tech News

New Apple Goodies – Super fast iPad Pro with full screen, new Mac mini with impressive speed, and so much more

How many products were launched in this event? This event introduced three major products: the new MacBook Air, the ultra-fast iPad Pro and of course the new Mac mini after a long wait. What were the major highlights from Apple’s..

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Samsung A Galaxy event highlights – The triple-camera A7 and quad-camera A9

What’s the latest Galaxy phone in the Note series? In August 2018, Samsung launched the Note 9 with a 6.4-inch display along with more features. When will the new Galaxy A7 and A9 be available? You can grab the A7 today..

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Made by Google 2018 Highlights – Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub

What are some of the best products from Google? Over the years, Google has gone to the next level by putting their software in hardware to create some of the best on the market. What are the three new products..

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