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10 technologies that make Dubai the smart city of the future

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the Dubai Smart City Project in 2013. 25% of all transportation in the UAE will be autonomous by 2030. The three biggest Dubai tech projects for 2020 are the Expo 2020, the Hyperloop from... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Are VFX and VR the future of cinema?

If it feels like movies are getting more real than ever before, you’re right. Star Wars: The Last Jedi on 4K Blu-ray proves that visual effects are only improving. Cinema has always been about telling a story. Every since 1968,... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Can technology keep up with us?

In an effort to be more inclusive, Apple announced their all-new emoji which include those with disabilities. The new set features an ear with a hearing aid, wheelchair users, and even service dogs. Technology is also making our cities more... Continue Reading

Tech News

Facts on black holes you need to know

Legendary and visionary scientist Stephen Hawking died mid-March. As he told astroauts on the ISS: “May you keep flying like superman in microgravity.” Hawking was vital for the furthering of science, space, and exploration. In fact, despite his illness, he... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Is technology changing the face of fashion?

Bridging the gap between humans and technology, we now have the world’s first digital model. And, she’s even more beautiful than you’d imagine. Digital images aren’t the only tech to replace models. Dolce and Gabbana used drones to carry their... Continue Reading

Tech News

Will Sophia change our perspective on tech? 

Wearable tech is going a step further to cater to our needs. These sneakers by Pizza Hut can pause your TV during March Madness and even order you a pizza with a tap. Robots are getting smarter, too. This dog-like... Continue Reading

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