Checketry is the download manager you’ve been waiting for

Ever get tired of waiting for large files to download? With Checketry, you can check on the progress of your downloads on any device.

Checketry is the download manager you’ve been waiting for
  • Internet users are downloading more than ever, particularly when it comes to games. One major studio racked up 2.5 million downloads per day this year.
  • The problem is, many modern games are enormous. Even on a fast connection, it takes a full day to download Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Checketry is a new app manager that makes large files easier to handle. Instead of waiting by your PC, you can schedule downloads from your phone.

If you regularly download movies and games, you will be painfully aware of how long the process can take. Even on a fast internet connection, 1GB can feel like half a lifetime. As the minutes tick by, you find yourself constantly checking on progress. This keeps you glued to your computer, even when you’re not being productive. Checketry is a new app that hopes to solve this problem by letting you view and control desktop downloads from your mobile device. It’s the download manager we’ve all been dreaming of.

Download manager

Downloading large files while you’re trying to work is never a smart move. Every megabyte you withdraw from the cloud reduces your bandwidth for more useful things. You know, stuff like researching your report or watching cat videos.

download manager 06

Games, movies, music…

The trick is to download large files overnight or any other time you’re away from your computer. But normally speaking, it is impossible to start new downloads once you leave your desk. It’s like a riddle with no solution.

That is where Checketry comes in. This useful download manager links your desktop machine to your smartphone. With the apps installed on both devices, you can check on the progress of any desktop download. You can also start, stop and pause downloads with a couple of quick taps, and schedule downloads in advance. Checketry can even send you a notification when your downloads finish and shut down your computer.

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Instant updates

An epic upgrade

For folks in areas with poor connectivity, Checketry offers a massive upgrade. PC gamers will also find this app useful — modern games are absolutely massive — as will video producers and designers.

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Still needs some polish

At present, Checketry is at the beta development stage. It works on Windows and Mac machines, with support for Google Chrome, uTorrent, qBittorrent, and Steam. On mobile, you can download Checketry on iOS and Android devices. All the apps are free to download, but you need to pay a small subscription to unlock the full list of features.

download manager 01

Gamers will love this

With Kickstarter funding, the team wants to add support for other desktop browsers and clients. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer/Edge, Deluge, EA Origin, GOG, and Blizzard will be their first priorities. In addition, there are a few bugs to iron out in the Mac app. A little visual polish wouldn’t go amiss, either.

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On all platforms

But this fledgling app is already starting to spread its wings. If you need better control over your downloads, Checketry is definitely worth your time.

“Checketry helps take the pain and frustration away from downloads that seemingly take forever. More precisely, it is the download manager that lets users follow and manage their downloads for their computers all the way from their phone.” — Checketry on Kickstarter

Download heaven

Seriously, why haven’t we got this already? Everyone downloads stuff all the time. Checketry looks like a solid solution.

Future upgrades

Obviously, there are many unsupported apps at this stage. But we’re expecting to see that change in the near future.


– Kickstarter: Until March 18th

– Pledge: $7.83 USD

– Expected Release: June 2018

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