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Productivity Tips

7 Ways to stay on top of your everyday tasks

Is remote work better than office work? It totally depends on you and your preferences. For us, we love remote work – here are three reasons why we think it’s the best. How can my desk setup improve productivity? What’s... Continue Reading

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Time-saving gadgets for a more productive life

How often do you say “I’m so busy”? Busyness has become a status symbol for professionals of today. Although we try to increase our salary, it seems our workload never slows down. But, there was a time when earning more... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

5 Incredible desk setups to boost your productivity

Does a standing desk increase productivity? Yes! A standing desk doesn’t only help reduce your stress but it also helps you combat obesity and weight gain due to prolonged hours sitting at work. Is there a desk you can reshape... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

How to detox your mind by staying away from your phone

How many people in the world have a smartphone? The number of global smartphone users is about to cross 5 billion in 2019. How much time do we spend on our smartphones? About 90 minutes. While that might not seem... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

How to workout without going to the gym

How much exercising should you do a day? Ideally, about 30 minutes of physical activity is enough to keep you fit. However, if you want to lose weight or have specific fitness goals to achieve, you can always give more... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

Where to Promote your Crowdfunding Campaign

When should you start promoting your crowdfunding campaign? Begin promotions before you launch. Over the years, we have seen that campaigns with pre-launch exposure are more successful compared to those who start their promotions during the launch phase. This cheatsheet... Continue Reading

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