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Productivity Tips

Tips for working more efficient and promoting your projects and products on the web

Featured Posts

How Working Remotely & Customer Support Work Hand in Hand

Working remotely offers the freedom to work from wherever you want and to set your own working hours. However, that depends on what kind of remote work you do. Of course, if you are a programmer working on a project... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

4 Visual Learning Apps for College Students

Each one of us has a different way to learn. Many people are visual learners and consume information best by seeing it. Others are auditory (hearing) or kinesthetic learners — they learn by action or by doing. If you are... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

Tired of hunching over your computer screen? This desk will fix that.

If you spend most of your day at work sitting in front of a computer, the resulting problems may be all too familiar. Sitting for too long of a stretch can cause all sorts of physical problems, which in turn... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

Vivaldi Browser Could Help You Be More Productive, Creative

The most popular Web browsers, like Chrome and Internet Explorer, are tailored to simplicity. They are, after all, the default browser for most PC users. The basic necessities – bookmarks, tabs, search box – are commonly utilized by every level... Continue Reading

Smart Living

Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound 35 Packs Transcending Audio Quality in a Modern Speaker Bar

BeoSound 35 is the latest speaker model to come out of Bang and Olufsen's labs that boasts wireless playback and robust audio quality.

Smart Living

Stikbox: Ultimate Smartphone Case for Selfie Lovers

The Stikbox is a smartphone case that doubles as a selfie stick.

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