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Marketing Tips

Where to Promote your Crowdfunding Campaign – Kickstarter Promotion – Crowdfunding Promotion

When should you start promoting your crowdfunding campaign? Begin promotions before you launch. Over the years, we have seen that campaigns with pre-launch exposure are more successful compared to those who start their promotions during the launch phase. This cheatsheet... Continue Reading

Productivity Tips

6 Posture-improving accessories to save the day (and your back)

How can bad posture affect your work life? From bad moods to poor sleep, bad posture brings a multitude of health hazards to your life. According to experts, bad posture actually “retrains your body to function inappropriately.” Is a standing... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

10 Money-saving hacks your wallet will thank you for

How much should we put away in savings? It really depends on age. For under 30s, you should be putting away 20% of your income after taxes. Are online investments reliable and safe? Like with everything on the internet, you... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

How much does it cost to launch your own startup in 2018?

Serial entrepreneur, Abdo Riani, wrote this awesome step-by-step guide to building your own self-funded startup. Looking for inspiration? Here are 35 successful startups that were built on cents. This list of money-saving tips will help you grow your own business... Continue Reading

Smart Living

Is technology really making our lives better?

There are 8.4 billion devices connected to the internet worldwide. That’s more than one device per person in the entire world. The Apple Watch can do a lot more than send you app alerts and messages. Its heart rate sensor... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Time-saving gadgets for a more productive life

How often do you say “I’m so busy”? Busyness has become a status symbol for professionals of today. Although we try to increase our salary, it seems our workload never slows down. But, there was a time when earning more... Continue Reading

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