FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach

When you’re trying to lose weight, sticking to a diet can be challenging. FitTo is a healthy eating coach that helps you stay disciplined and understand what you’re putting in your body.

FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach
FitTo is compact and comfortable for all-day wear
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  • Can technology help me lose weight? Yes. Tech can create the perfect workout for your goals and help you prepare better food.
  • Are there any gadgets focused on overeating? Absolutely. Meet FitTo, the new healthy eating coach that will keep you on the right path.

No-one enjoys being overweight. It’s less a lifestyle choice, and more an unpleasant consequence of unhelpful genetics and poor diet. While some people have relatively little trouble staying slim, others have to fight for every pound.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, FitTo might be able to help. This wearable device acts as a healthy eating coach, reminding you when and what to eat. Instead of fighting temptation alone, you can get moral support and scientific proof on demand.

What is a healthy eating coach?

Everyone knows that eating greens and avoiding carbs is important when you need to lose weight. The problem is, you have to convince your stomach to shun the junk food in favor of healthy eating. That’s almost always easier said than done.

A healthy eating coach, such as FitTo, makes the process a little easier. Just as a personal trainer can provide motivation during a workout, this device can talk you through your eating schedule.

FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach

FitTo is compact and comfortable for all-day wear

FitTo has been designed for the fasting diet, but it’s also good for persistent snackers. Through the companion app, you decide when you want to eat. If you fall prey to temptation outside of these times, the device will detect your munching.

lose weight - FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach

Select your eating schedule through the FitTo app

FitTo will simultaneously admonish you with light vibrations, and encourage you to step away from the cake via a notification on your phone. In combination, these features should help you get through the day without overeating.

Lose weight quicker

FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach

FitTo can easily be worn under your work clothes

In order for such a device to work, you really need to wear it around the clock. Thankfully, FitTo is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

It fits around the front of your neck like jewellery and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. FitTo is also slim and waterproof — ideal for sweaty workouts.

lose weight - FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach

Share your weight loss with friends and family

But the really clever stuff happens in the app. Through your smartphone, you can set your schedule, check on your progress and even proudly share your results with friends and family.

“FitTo is a unique device and app designed to make your weight-loss journey easier. Our discreet neck-worn device gives you the strength to stick to your diet plan by emitting vibrations whenever you stray off track.” — FitTo

What we like

lose weight - FitTo wants to be your healthy eating coach

Wave goodbye to overeating with FitTo

Most of us know how to lose weight, but we struggle with temptation. FitTo is a smart solution that is based on science.

Future upgrades

Losing weight is about eating healthily and getting active. We would love to see some fitness tracking features added to a future version of FitTo in order to complete the package.


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