Homejoy Offers New Services With Beta Testing

Homejoy Offers New Services With Beta Testing

Following its successful funding round of $38M last December, Homejoy (an on-demand service app for booking and scheduling home cleaning service) planned on expanding their offerings to include other services like plumbing, electrical work and furniture assembly. Enter Homejoy Beta: the new, improved and expanded set of services that’s just opened up to Homejoy customers.


Though the Beta isn’t yet open to just anyone, the offered services (including plumbing, electrical and a myriad of others) hint at a new, high-dollar direction for Homejoy. Plumbing and electrical services typically cost much more than cleaning services, so it’s likely that Homejoy is looking to boost their profit margins in light of their struggle to keep prices for the cleaning service low. This move also signals Homejoy’s intent to compete with companies like Handybook (which also offers a variety of home services) not only for customers, but also for top-quality professionals.

For the time being, Homejoy’s Beta looks to be offering cleaning, plumbing, painting, landscaping services, pest control, furniture assembly, moving help, electrical services and general home repair and maintenance. While there’s no official word on a wide-release of the new services in all markets, hopefully a successful beta could mean expanded service to all current and new users in the near future.


As we’ve seen with apps like Washio, MakeSpace, Uber and now Homejoy Beta, on-demand service apps are likely here to stay. The convenience business is booming and service apps are at the front of the pack. The success of these apps continues to pave the way for more digital solutions to mundane, everyday problems and annoyances. Calling cabs, schlepping stuff to your storage unit, washing your clothes and now even painting entire rooms in your home can be achieved through a few taps and swipes in an app.

What a time to be alive, right?

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